Bond Ratings Note: A rating may be changed, suspended or withdrawn as a result in changes in, or unavailability of, information.
Moody's Investors Service: Aa3, Negative 
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services: AA-, Stable


Official Statements (Outstanding Bonds)

General Revenue Bonds, 2015 Series T July 15, 2015
General Revenue Refunding Bonds, 2013 Series S
March 6, 2013
General Revenue Refunding Bonds 2012, Series R March 5, 2012
General Revenue Bonds 2011, Series Q October 5, 2011
General Revenue Refunding Bonds 2009, Series P December 16, 2009
General Revenue Bonds 2008, Series O January 31, 2008
General Revenue Bonds 2005, Series N August 31, 2005

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