Creating Alaska

Nathan F. Twining

General, US Air Force

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Endorsed Alaska Statehood as a General and later as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Testified before Congress in support of Alaska Statehood
  • First Chief of the Alaska Command - US Air Force
Personal Information

Name Nathan Farragut Twining
US Military Officer
October 11, 1897 - Monroe, Wisconsin
March 29, 1982 - Lackland Air Force Base, Texas    

Quotes on Alaska Statehood:

As students of the history of bills favoring statehood for Alaska are aware, I testified in 1950 that I, personally, was in favor of statehood. At that time, I was commander in chief of the Alaskan Command, and I spoke only on the general proposition of statehood, as distinct from the specific provisions of any Alaskan bill, as such. My personal views that statehood should be granted when the time was ripe have never changed. I am happy, therefore, to be able to say in my official capacity, in this month of March 1957, that, in my opinion, the time is ripe for Alaska to become a state.

-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Nathan Twining testifying before the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, March 11, 1957

More Information:

Honors Received:

  • Honorary Doctorate - University of Alaska, 1951
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