Creating Alaska

Harry Truman

President, United States of America (1945-53)

Vice President, United States of America (1945)

US Senator (1935-45)

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Only President to actively support Alaska statehood throughout tenure
Personal Information

Name Harry S. Truman
Occupation Merchant, Farmer and Politician
May 8, 1884 - Lamar, Missouri
Died December 26, 1972 - Kansas City, Missouri    

Quotes on Alaska Statehood:

We should also consider our obligation to assure the fullest possible measure of civil rights to the people of our territories and possessions. I believe that the time has come for Alaska and Hawaii to be admitted to the Union as States.

-President Harry Truman's third State of the Union Address, January 7, 1948

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