Creating Alaska

Fred Seaton

US Secretary of the Interior (1956-61)

US Senator (1951-52)

Nebraska State Legislator

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Public advocate for Alaska statehood during tenure as US Senator
  • Served as Secretary of the Interior during Alaska's admission to the Union
  • Was largely responsible for developing Eisenhower Administration's support for Alaska Statehood
Personal Information

Name Frederick Andrew Seaton Occupation Publisher Born December 11, 1909 - Washington, D.C. Died January 16, 1974 - Minneapolis, MN    

Quotes on Alaska Statehood:

Mr. President, we have heard much from those who oppose statehood for Alaska, and I doubt neither the sincerity nor the patriotism of those distinguished Members of this great body. But I cannot, in good conscience, join with them in opposition to Alaska's plea for statehood, or even in counseling further delay. Alaska, through more than 80 years as a Territory, has long since served her apprenticeship. As an organized Territory - an inchoate State - Alaska's star has for too long been denied its rightful place on the glorious flag of the United States of America.

-Senator Fred Seaton of Nebraska's first address to the United States Senate, where he forcefully called for the granting of Alaska Statehood. Seaton served only one year in the Senate, but later held the position of Secretary of the Interior during the second half of the Eisenhower Administration. Seaton was a strong supporter of Alaska Statehood. Source Congressional Record - February 20, 1952

More Information:

Honors Received:

  • Honorary Doctorate - University of Alaska, 1958
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