Creating Alaska

William Knowland

US Senator (1945-59)

State Legislator (California)

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Public advocate for Alaska statehood
  • Travelled to Alaska to address the Constitutional Convention
Personal Information

Name William Fife Knowland
June 26, 1908 - Alameda, California
February 23, 1974 - Guerneville, California

Quotes on Alaska Statehood:

Now, if I could bring you in the brief time I have today, could bring you a message, it would be to not in any sense be discouraged because you have not become a state as yet or that you may not become a state even at the coming session of Congress, though I pledge to you, as I have already to the people of Alaska and the people of my own state, that I shall do everything I can, as the minority leader of the Senate as well as a Senator of the State of California, to expedite action on Alaska and Hawaii statehood.

-Senator William Knowland to the delegates of the Alaska Constitutional Convention, November 29, 1955

More Information:

Honors Received :

  • Honorary Doctorate - University of Alaska, 1955
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