Creating Alaska

Henry "Scoop" Jackson

US Senator (1953-83)

US Congressman (1941-53)

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Public advocate for Alaska statehood
  • Floor sponsor of the Alaska Statehood Act in the US Senate
Personal Information

Name Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson
Occupation Lawyer
Born May 31, 1912 - Everett, Washington
Died September 1, 1983 - Everett, Washington    

Quotes on Alaska Statehood:

Mr. President, the Senate is about to cast a historic vote which will grant statehood to Alaska. Only historians will be able truly to evaluate this act. I do not believe there is a Member of the Senate who can assess the great good that has been done today or all the benefits that will accrue to the people of Alaska and to all Americans by our action. People throughout the world will herald statehood for Alaska as dramatic proof of the dynamic characteristics of democracy in America.

-Senator Henry Jackson to the United States Senate just prior to the passage of the Alaska Statehood Act, June 30, 1958

More Information:

Honors Received:

  • Honorary Doctorate - University of Alaska, 1949
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