Creating Alaska

Spessard Holland

US Senator (1946-71)

Governor, State of Florida (1941-45)

State Legislator (Florida)

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Public advocate for Alaska statehood
  • Introduced the members of the Alaska-Tennessee Plan Congressional Delegation to the US Senate
Personal Information

Name Spessard Lindsey Holland
Occupation Lawyer, Judge, Politician
Born July 10, 1892 - Bartow, Florida
Died November 6, 1971 - Bartow, Florida    

Quotes on Alaska Statehood:

Mr. President, I have long supported statehood for the Territory of Alaska, and shall continue my active efforts in that behalf. My distinguished colleague, the junior Senator from Louisiana [Mr. Long], has likewise taken that position, and he asked me to express regret that he could not be here this morning and to announce his complete concurrence with the remarks I am about to make for myself and for him.

We are pleased and proud to advise the Senate that the people of Alaska held a constitutional convention last year and adopted a constitution, and likewise elected two Senators and one Representative to serve in the Congress of the United States when Alaska shall become a State of the Union, which I hope will be within the next few months.

At the proper time, in complete accord with the clear precedent established May 23, 1798, in the Tennessee case and followed by the Senate with regard to representatives of the proposed State of Michigan on December 22, 1835, the Senate of the United States will be requested to admit the two "Senators-elect" from Alaska to the floor of the Senate as spectators, in order that they may be present with Members of the Senate during the debate on Statehood for Alaska.

-Senator Spessard Holland of Florida to the United States Senate on January 14, 1957 introducing Ernest Gruening and Bill Egan, the Alaska-Tennessee Plan "Senators-Elect" to the body.

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