Creating Alaska

Ernest Gruening

Territorial Governor of Alaska

Alaska-Tennessee Plan Senator

US Senator

Member, Alaska Statehood Committee

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • "Father of Alaska Statehood"
  • Authored "The State of Alaska," a national bestseller that advocated statehood for Alaska
  • Constant advocate for statehood throughout his tenure as Governor
Personal Information

Name Ernest Gruening
Politician and Newspaperman
February 6, 1887 - New York
June 26, 1974 - Washington D.C.
Alaska Resident


  • Honored with statue in US Capitol - 1977
  • Mount Ernest Gruening in Juneau named in his honor
  • Gruening Building on UAF Campus named in his honor
  • American Jewish Hall of Fame Inductee
Further Information

Suggested Reading  

  • The State of Alaska - by Ernest Gruening
  • Many Battles: The Autobiography of Ernest Gruening - Ernest Gruening
  • Ernest Gruening and the American Dissenting Tradition - Robert David Johnson
  • Ernest Gruening - Alaska's Greatest Governor - Claus-M. Naske

Selected Newspaper Articles  

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