Creating Alaska

E.L. "Bob" Bartlett

Delegate to Congress

US Senator

Secretary of Alaska

Member, Alaska Statehood Committee

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Introduced the Alaska Statehood Act, which successfully passed Congress and was signed into law in 1958.
  • Constant advocate for statehood throughout his tenure as Delegate
Personal Information

Name Edward Lewis Bartlett
Politician and Newspaperman
April 20, 1904 - Seattle, Washington
Died December 11, 1968 - Cleveland Ohio
Alaska Resident

  • "Alaskan of the Year" - 1968
  • Honored with statue in US Capitol - 1969
  • Various honors throughout state, including Bartlett High School in Anchorage & Bartlett Residence Hall at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Further Information

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