Creating Alaska

Robert B. Atwood

Chairman, Alaska Statehood Committee

Publisher, Anchorage Daily Times

Role in Statehood Struggle
  • Publisher of the Anchorage Daily Times, the most prominent pro-statehood newspaper in Alaska.
  • Arranged and travelled with the "Statehood Flight" to Washington D.C., where he personally lobbied President Eisenhower to support statehood for Alaska.
  • Unsuccessful candidate for "Alaska-Tennessee Plan" Congressional Delegation.
Personal Information

Name Robert B. Atwood
City Anchorage
Newspaper Owner and Publisher Born March 31, 1907 - Chicago, Illinois Died January 10, 1997 - Anchorage, Alaska Alaska Resident 1933-1997 Honors

  • "Alaskan of the Year" - 1967
  • Director, National Municipal League - 1969
  • Norweigian Consul - 1959
Further Information

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