Creating Alaska
Alaska Statehood Committee: Standing with flag (from left to right): Bob Bartlett, Robert Atwood, Barrie White (non-member). Seated (from left to right): W.L. Baker, Mildred Hermann, Frank Peratrovich, Percy Ipalook, Warren Taylor, Victor Rivers, Andrew Nerland. Not Pictured: Stanley McCutcheon, Lee Bettinger

In looking toward the day when the duly elected representatives of the people of Alaska would gather to write a constitution, the legislature had foresight. In 1949, when they were creating the Alaska Statehood Committee, the members of that Legislature anticipated that there would be a need for certain information and materials to be available to the delegates, so that they would have a good chance for success. They gave the assignment to gather this information and materials to the Alaska Statehood Committee and as Chairman I am pleased to report to you that the Committee has done well.

-Robert Atwood, President of the Alaska Statehood Committee to the Delegates of the Alaska Constitutional Convention


Biographies not done:

  • Thomas Stewart
  • W.L. Baker
  • Stanley J. McCutcheon
  • Lee Bettinger
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