2020 Fall Course Detail

Film and Performing Arts F499 F01 -- Thesis Project
Instructor: Baker, C
Credits: 3
Final step in film or stage training which involves creating a final film or stage creative project as a filmmaker, actor, director, designer, playwright or screenwriter. Projects can include producing a film project with the support of a faculty advisor, performing a leading role on a theatre/film UAF main-stage film or stage production or directing/designing/writing a project for the theatre/film UAF season.
CRN: 74395
Dates: 08/24/2020 - 12/12/2020
Time: Days:
Campus: Fairbanks Campus
Fee Name Fee Amount Total This Fee
UA Network Charge-F $11 per Credit hour $33.00
THR/FLM Lab Fee $125 $125.00
CLA Upper Level Tuition $282 per Credit hour $846.00
  Total Resident Class Fees: $1004.00
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.
Grade Mode: Letter Grades with Plus/Minus
Seats Remaining: 20
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