2019 Summer Course Detail

Developmental Math F105 F81 -- Intermediate Algebra
Instructor: Maier, J
Credits: 3
Topics include expressions, equations and applications involving linear, quadratic, rational and radical functions; graphs of linear and quadratic functions; functions and their inverses; introduction to exponential and logarithmic functions; and systems of linear equations. To matriculate to MATH F151X from DEVM F105 a grade of B or higher is required.
CRN: 51703
Dates: 05/20/2019 - 08/09/2019
Time: 8:00am- 9:00am Days: MTWR
Campus: Fairbanks Campus
Building: DUCK
Room: 252
Fee Name Fee Amount Total This Fee
Tuition Lower level $212 per Credit hour $636.00
UA Network Charge-F $8 per Credit hour $24.00
Summer Dev Lab Fee $25 $25.00
  Total Resident Class Fees: $685.00
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Grade of C- or better in DEVM F055, DEVM F062, DEVM F068, or appropriate placement test scores; prerequisite courses and/or placement exams must be taken within one calendar year prior to commencement of the course.
Seats Remaining: 20
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