2019 Summer Course Detail

Music F200X UX1 -- Explorations in Music
Instructor: Kljaich, L
Credits: 3
Understanding and appreciation of music through explorations of its diverse styles, influences and developments. Topics include the creative process, musical forms and expression, historical and cultural contexts and popular movements and trends.
CRN: 51085
Dates: 05/20/2019 - 08/09/2019
Time: Days:
Campus: eCampus
Building: DIST
Fee Name Fee Amount Total This Fee
CLA/eC Lower Tuition $212 per Credit hour $636.00
eC Ntwrk Chg $8 per Credit hour $24.00
eC Dist Deliv Fee $25 per Credit hour $75.00
  Total Resident Class Fees: $735.00
Prerequisites: Prerequisites: Placement in WRTG F111X; sophomore standing.
Notes: OPEN REGISTRATION to all students. ONLINE COURSE. Special Requirements: Computer, Internet, Email, CD Player, Blackboard, CD-Rom, Word Processor, Adobe Reader, Real Player required. DVD and Video player optional. Register at your local campus or at UAOnline. Material for this course are found on your Blackboard site. This course has been recognized for excellence by Quality Matters.
Grade Mode: Letter Grades with Plus/Minus
Delivery Method: Web Based
Seats Remaining: 5
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