2020 Spring Course Detail

Library Science F101X UX8 -- Library Information & Research
Instructor: Jensen, K
Credits: 1
Introduction to effective library research methods and principles of information organization and retrieval. Emphasis on applied experience with finding and evaluating information, especially through use of library catalogs, journal indexes and Internet resources. Some sections may emphasize selected academic areas. Also available online via UAF eCampus.
CRN: 36683
Dates: 01/02/2020 - 01/11/2020
Time: Days:
Campus: eCampus
Building: DIST
Fee Name Fee Amount Total This Fee
eC Ntwrk Chg $9 per Credit hour $9.00
eC Library Course Tui $223 per Credit hour $223.00
eC Dist Deliv Fee $25 per Credit hour $25.00
  Total Resident Class Fees: $257.00
Notes: This is a WINTERMESTER class beginning January 2 through January 11 with an ENGINEERING EMPHASIS.
Grade Mode: Letter Grades with Plus/Minus
Delivery Method: Web Based
Seats Remaining: 13
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