HR Classification and Compensation


The University of Alaska is committed  to offering fair and competitive compensation to include the salary and benefits.  Benefits include health and other insurance, contributions to retirement and pension programs, holiday and leave provisions, educational opportunities, bonuses, and other employer costs that benefit employees. 


    The job classification system for the University of Alaska groups jobs into categories or "job families" based on the type of work. The job family captures the essence of the work, rather than the specific duties of each position. Job family descriptors reflect the nature and complexity of work at several levels within each job family. The Job Family classification system is intended to support recruitment and retention, workforce planning, performance management, career development, and market Analysis. The classification system is used across the University, providing consistent alignment of positions, structure for identifying career ladders, and benchmarks for conducting external salary surveys. 

    Send questions about compensation and classification, to Statewide Human Resources at

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