Request for Proposals: Innovation for Climate Action and Sustainable Communities

Due: September 20, 2020, 11:59 pm AKDT

Topics under Innovation for Climate Action and Sustainable Communities

The United Nations has defined “17 goals to transform our world” – the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). UA’s Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship (Center ICE) is soliciting proposals for innovations that focus on two of these goals: SDG #11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and #13: Climate Action. Underlying this call is UN SDG #9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. Projects funded under this RFP will develop an innovation and move it closer to commercial reality while addressing SDG #11 or #13.

Deadline and Schedule

For initial consideration, proposals must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on September 20th, 2020. 

Proposals should be sent to Dr. Peter Webley, with the RFP title in subject.

Thereafter, proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis for the award of any remaining funds. 

Projects must be completed and all expenses submitted by May 31st, 2021.


  • Budget and Anticipated Funding: Proposals should be accompanied by a budget request in the form of a line item budget and brief budget narrative. Budgets must be at least $1,000 and at most $25,000.  This is an internal award involving a reallocation of an existing grant; F&A should not be included in your proposed budget.
  • Who May Submit a Proposal: All members from UAA, UAF, UAS, and all remote and community campuses. This includes all faculty, staff, and students.
  • Proposal Requirements: Proposal narratives must not exceed 3 pages of size 12 font with 1-in margins; this does not include the budget. Proposal narratives must specifically address each of the following:
    • The UN sustainable development goal (11 or 13) and target (e.g., 11.1 or 13.A) that your project is focused on,
    • The problem you propose to solve, what current solutions are in use, and how your solution is novel and advantageous,
    • A description of the work you will perform during your project,
    • How you will measure success for your project,
    • How you could scale up your innovation into a commercial product – as part of this project or separately, and
    • A list of key personnel including a brief biography of each.
  • How to Submit: Proposals do not need to go through a pre-award office but rather should be sent directly to Dr. Peter Webley,, with the subject: “Innovation for Climate Action and Sustainable Communities.” Proposal narratives, budgets, and budget narratives should be submitted in PDF format.

This RFP seeks to fund innovations that respond to the UN SDG’s and targets for each of the two goals, #11 and #13. All projects must develop an innovative solution to a challenge or opportunity that may be local, statewide, national, or global. Applicants are encouraged to research the targets for each UN SDG and activities of the UN, including its Decade of Action, SDG Good Practices, and Acceleration Actions.

All questions should be directed to Peter Webley at and Mark Billingsley at  This RFP is supported by the Office of Naval Research and is a program of the Center for Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship (Center ICE).