Meet the BLaST RAMPs

(Research Advising & Mentoring Professionals)

Lori Gildehaus, M.S. - Lead RAMP
Phone: 907.474.5788
Office: 184A Arctic Health Research Building, UAF (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Teaching Interests: Teacher's assistant for Comparative Anatomy and Human Anatomy and Physiology; tutor (individual and group) for chemistry, calculus and biology.
Research Interests: Investigating wildlife diseases and impacts on human populations, emerging infectious diseases.
Techniques: PCR, RT-PCR, RNA and DNA extraction, ELISA.

Ellen Chenoweth, B.A., Ph.D. (Fisheries)Ellen Chenoweth photo
Phone: 907.747.7791
Office: Sitka 112, UAS (University of Alaska Southeast)
Teaching Interests:  Bridging H.S. to early college biology and applied mathematics, introductory One-Health independent research, science communication, scientific writing.
Research Interests:  Marine mammal fishery interactions; diet, optimal foraging, prey selection and energetics; salmon aquaculture economics.
Techniques: Process modeling, stochastic modeling (regression), R, stable isotopes, bio-logging tags.  
Personal Interests:  Sea kayaking and camping, astronomy, softball (3rd base!).

Andrew Cyr, Ph.D.
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
I am excited to be joining the BLaST team as a RAMP! I have been involved with mentoring and the sciences in some capacity for almost 20 years, including 6 years as a Graduate Mentoring Research Assistant through BLaST. I love being part of an amazingly supportive team working with students to guide them through their own academic and scientific interests, and to help them uncover their individual strengths and passions.

I recently completed a Fisheries graduate degree, with an emphasis in Environmental Toxicology. My background is a diverse assemblage of work, travel, and personal experiences, including field biology, commercial fishing boats, state agency permitting, Peace Corps, toxicology, analytical chemistry, and non-motorized backcountry travel. The diversity of my background and personal interests enables me to see the learning process through different perspectives and lenses and provide unique ideas and guidance to students and young scientists. 

Natalia Podlutskaya, MSc
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
Teaching Interests:  Mentoring grad and undergrad students in the Lab environment.
Research Interests:  Studying genome stability and mechanisms of DNA repair, and Biology of Cancer and Aging.
Techniques:   Cell Culture, Cell Cytotoxicity assays, DNA and RNA extraction, and Comet Assay.
Personal Interests:  Hiking, traveling, and berry picking.

Emily Sousa, M.S.Emily Sousa Photo
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
Teaching Interests:  Enjoy teaching, mentoring, and working with students, particularly when the classroom is outdoors.
Research Interests:  Environmental responses to climate change, relationships between geomorphic factors and vegetation growth, and landscape ecology.
Personal Interests:  Botany technician, forester, environmental educator, dog musher, and naturalist.

Theresa Vertigan, M.S.
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
Teaching Interests:  Teaching assistant for introductory chemistry, tutor for introductory and organic chemistry.
Research Interests:  Effects of disease or toxicants on molecular and cellular processes, in vitro model systems, analytical assay development.
Techniques:   Cell culture, immunoassays (ELISA, western blot), protein assays, affinity chromatography, proteomics, HPLC, mass spectrometry.
Personal Interests:  Traveling, hiking, skiing, and photography.
Kyle Campbell, M.S. 
BLaST/SSS STEM Coordinator
Phone: 907.474.2446
Office: 184 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF