Meet the BLaST RAMPs

(Research Advising & Mentoring Professionals)

Lori Gildehaus, M.S. - Lead RAMP
Phone: 907.474.5788
Office: 184A Arctic Health Research Building, UAF (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Teaching Interests: Teacher's assistant for Comparative Anatomy and Human Anatomy and Physiology; tutor (individual and group) for chemistry, calculus and biology.
Research Interests: Investigating wildlife diseases and impacts on human populations, emerging infectious diseases.
Techniques: PCR, RT-PCR, RNA and DNA extraction, ELISA.

Ellen Chenoweth, B.A., Ph.D. (Fisheries)Ellen Chenoweth photo
Phone: 907.747.7791
Office: Sitka 112, UAS (University of Alaska Southeast)
Teaching Interests:  Bridging H.S. to early college biology and applied mathematics, introductory One-Health independent research, science communication, scientific writing.
Research Interests:  Marine mammal fishery interactions; diet, optimal foraging, prey selection and energetics; salmon aquaculture economics.
Techniques: Process modeling, stochastic modeling (regression), R, stable isotopes, bio-logging tags.  
Personal Interests:  Sea kayaking and camping, astronomy, softball (3rd base!).

Aaron Kallas, M.S., Ed.
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
Teaching Interests:  Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Environmental Science, Geology, Botany, Genetics
Research Interests:  Environmental Impacts to Human Health, Comparative DNA analysis
Techniques:   Cell culture, standard microbiologic techniques, DNA Manipulation (Extraction, Purification, PCR, Sequencing), Proteometrics, Research Design, Data Analysis
Personal Interests:  Hunting, fishing, gardening, and traveling.

Natalia Podlutskaya, MSc
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
Teaching Interests:  Mentoring grad and undergrad students in the Lab environment.
Research Interests:  Studying genome stability and mechanisms of DNA repair, and Biology of Cancer and Aging.
Techniques:   Cell Culture, Cell Cytotoxicity assays, DNA and RNA extraction, and Comet Assay.
Personal Interests:  Hiking, traveling, and berry picking.

Emily Sousa, M.S.Emily Sousa Photo
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
Teaching Interests:  Enjoy teaching, mentoring, and working with students, particularly when the classroom is outdoors.
Research Interests:  Environmental responses to climate change, relationships between geomorphic factors and vegetation growth, and landscape ecology.
Personal Interests:  Botany technician, forester, environmental educator, dog musher, and naturalist.

Theresa Vertigan, M.S.
Phone: 907.474.5799
Office: 185 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF
Teaching Interests:  Teaching assistant for introductory chemistry, tutor for introductory and organic chemistry.
Research Interests:  Effects of disease or toxicants on molecular and cellular processes, in vitro model systems, analytical assay development.
Techniques:   Cell culture, immunoassays (ELISA, western blot), protein assays, affinity chromatography, proteomics, HPLC, mass spectrometry.
Personal Interests:  Traveling, hiking, skiing, and photography.
Kyle Campbell, M.S. 
BLaST/SSS STEM Coordinator
Phone: 907.474.2446
Office: 184 Arctic Health Research Building, UAF