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What makes a wellness program successful? Completing the incentive requirements year after year? Certainly having a lot of UA members receive the wellness rebate shows some type of success, right? That is always a goal we have and UA has continually increased participation and the percentage of eligible employees and spouses/FIPs that receive this each year. But that goal only addresses part of why UA decided to offer a wellness program in the first place. Another (big) part is how the program can start affecting the overall health and well being of its population.  To move closer to the spectrum of health where personal contentment is high and health and lifestyle risks are low. We are well on our way but a wellness program is only as strong as those who actively engage in not only the program but also in their own personal health and wellness goals. 

With that, Sara Rodewald, UAs on-site Wellness Manager from Healthyroads is actively recruiting University of Alaska employees, spouses and FIPs to the role as a FY19 Wellness Champion! She is looking for enthusiastic individuals who not only participate in the wellness program but also place a high value on wellness in their day-to-day lives. This doesn't mean that you have to run up mountains on the weekends or be in peak physical condition. An interest in living a healthy lifestyle and a willingness to share with those around you is necessary.

Click the 'Learn More!' link below to read additional details on the wellness champion role. If you are ready--use the provided application to submit your name today! Feel free to also join an upcoming meeting if you would like to hear more or contact Sara directly for any follow-up questions at: or by phone: (907)450-8203. 

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  • Meeting Information
    • We meet the 2nd Thursday of every month from 12:30 pm-1:30 pm AKT
    • Next meeting: Thursday, February 14th  
    • To join, call: 866-499-4146
      • Meeting number/Access Code: 718 684 047
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