New pharmacy plan for UA Choice

Prescription drug changes

Changes to the UA Choice prescription drug plan went into effect July 1, 2008. Now all prescription drug benefits are through Caremark.

Prescription drug benefits are now the same for all UA Choice Plans.

The Deluxe, Standard and Economy medical plan all have the same three-tier copay for prescriptions. The amount of the copay depends on whether the drug is a generic, preferred or non-preferred drug.

Copays for generic drugs are lower than for brandname drugs. With the new Caremark prescription drug plan there is a $5 copay for generic drugs. If there is no generic available, there may be more than one brand name drug to treat a condition. Caremark lists certain brand name drugs as preferred drugs to help identify products that are clinically appropriate and cost-effective. Non-preferred brand drugs are those which generally have equally effective and less costly generic equivalents and/or have more preferred-brand options.

A list of Caremark preferred drugs can be viewed online at: www.caremark.com by logging in and clicking on “My Drug List” on the left navigation bar. Be sure to check this list from time to time as preferred drugs may change.

Another new feature is a money-saving mail-order prescription service. Medications taken on an ongoing basis can be filled, up to a 100-day supply, through the Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy.

A new Caremark Prescription Drug Card was sent to employee home addresses in July. This card is separate from the medical ID card. It must be shown to the pharmacy to have any prescriptions filled.

Employees who lost or did not receive a new Caremark Prescription card can Log in to Caremark.com, click on the “Prescriptions & Coverage” tab, then select Print Forms & ID Card from the menu. For a replacement card, e-mail Customer Care at customerservice@caremark.com, or contact them via the toll-free number, (800) 596-2178.

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