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6 x 9, xiii + 319 pages, maps, appendices, bibliography, index

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1990, Translation Series, vol. V

Khlebnikov Archive - The

Unpublished Journal (1800-1837) and Travel Notes (1820, 1822, and 1824)

by Khlebnikov, Kiril Timofeevich

Bisk, John (trans.)

Shur, Leonid (ed.)

"Khlebnikov is a keen, self-taught researcher anxious for reliable facts ranging from geography to mineralogy and herbal medicine. . . . Between 1800 and 1837, Khlebnikov was all over: Yakutsk, Okhotsk, Petropavlovska, Sitka, Norway, Denmark, Lima, Monterey, San Jose, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and San Francisco." (Anchorage Times)

"The translation is well edited . . . the format is attractive, and the text is highly readable." (Alaska History)

The voyager and writer Kiriil Khlebnikov, one of the leading authorities of his day on Russian America, was connected to the Russian-American Company throughout his life, rising from an ordinary agent to director of the main office. He traveled; collected a wide range of material on the geography, history, and ethnography of Russian America; assembled a good library; read a great deal; learned Spanish and English; and corresponded with and met many voyagers and scholars.

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