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An Anthology Celebrating Alaska's Twenty-Seven Fellowship Writers

by Guttenberg, Elyse (ed.)

Anderson, Jean (ed.)

Each year since 1979, the Alaska State Council on the Arts has awarded Fellowships in literature to writers throughout the state. Now, for the first time since the program began, ASCA is proud to present INROADS, an anthology celebrating the work of these writers, their poetry, drama, and prose.

Contributors: John Haines, Nancy McCleery, Richard Dauenhauer, Katherine McNamara, Patricia Monaghan, David McElroy, John Morgan, Jean Anderson, Sister Goodwin, Jane Hixon, Ronald Turner, Jerah Chadwick, Guy Michael Liston, Kate McKelvey, Linda Shandelmeier, Thomas Sexton, Ronald Spatz, David Stark, Joanne Townsend, Robert Davis, Cynthia Hardy, Sheila Nickerson, William Sutherland, Irving Warner, Michael Armstrong, David Hunsaker, and Cheryl Morse.

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