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Alaska Literary Series


The Alaska Literary Series publishes poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction.  Successful manuscripts have a strong connection to Alaska or the circumpolar north, are written by people living in the far north, or both.  We prefer writing that makes the northern experience available to the world, and we choose manuscripts that offer compelling literary insights into the human condition.

Series Editor

Peggy Shumaker

For questions please email:
888 252-6657 toll free phone
907 474-5502 fax


I Follow in the Dust She Raises

Linda Martin

The Creatures at the Absolute Bottom of the Sea

Rosemary McGuire

A Ladder of Cranes

Tom Sexton


Jeremy Pataky

Cold Spell

Deb Vanasse

River of Light

John Morgan, artwork by Kesler Woodward

Sailing By Ravens

poems by Holly J. Hughes


poems by Richard Dauenhauer

Oil and Water

a novel by Mei Mei Evans


poems by Carolyn Kremers

Gaining Daylight

essays by Sara Loewen

The Rabbits Could Sing

poems by Amber Flora Thomas

The Cormorant Hunter's Wife

poems by Joan Kane

The City Beneath the Snow

short stories by Marjorie Kowalski Cole

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