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Alaska Shield 2014: Full-Scale Exercise Simulates Major Quake

Thursday, March 27, is the 50th anniversary of the devastating 1964 Alaska earthquake, and a number of events are planned throughout the state to prepare emergency responders and incident management teams in case such a disaster were to strike again. The University of Alaska will be participating and many campuses have planned events to coincide with Alaska Shield 2014.


The UA Alerts Notification System makes every effort to release information about emergencies (incidents) that may disrupt university operations. This multi modal system of notification includes:

  • Personal Notification
    Via email, telephone, and text message blasts via Blackboard Connect
  • Mass Notification
    Loudspeaker and hallway beacon alerts (where available)
  • Community Alert
    Press releases and contact with local media, alert notices on Facebook sites and Twitter feeds and the university homepage
Students and employees can click this button to visit UAOnline and update their information. After logging in, click "Personal Information" and then "Manage your address, email and phone information."
To keep your personal information up to date and to specify how you would like to be notified within the UA Alerts Notification system, update your contact information here.
Students and employees - If you wish to add additional contact information beyond the required information in UAOnline, or if you would like to customize the way you are contacted, go here.
UAA - Anchorage Community Portal - For members of the public not affiliated with the University of Alaska, you can sign up for alerts for the Anchorage area here.

Anchorage Community Portal

Fairbanks Community Portal

UAF - Fairbanks Community Portal - For members of the public not affiliated with the University of Alaska, you can sign up for alerts for the Fairbanks area here.

The browsers and versions that are compatible with the UA Alerts Notification portal are the following:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 (11 is not compatible at this time)
  • Firefox 11 through 28.0
  • Safari 5.1.5 and up
  • Chrome 21 and up

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Timeline - UA Events for ALASKA SHIELD 2014


10:10 AM 9.2 MOCK Earthquake scheduled for Anchorage area.

10:25 AM -UA statewide initiated system wide alert message to UA community

1:25 PM - UAA participates in Great Alaska Shake out event

4:00 PM - SW - IMT organized via video confrencing for 6 locations across state 25 people attended

UA IMT (Incident Management Teams) activated: PWSCC, KPC, Kodiak, UAF,Bethel, Anchorage and Kenai


9:00 - UAA Anchorage and Kenai begin housing exercises

9:30 AM SW emergency PIO(Public Information Officer) joins State JIC(Joint Incident Command) at Alaska Guard Armory

11:00 AM - First Synthetic news event produced for event

12:05 PM - Facebook being used to publish event pictures

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