System Office of Risk Services

UA Alert Notification System FAQs

1. Why does it take so long for the message to get to me? Shouldn’t I be warned earlier?

2. Why didn’t I receive a text message?

3. Why didn’t I receive a phone call?

4. Why did I receive the email after the incident?

5. The message I received was cut off or distorted.

6. I saw (907) 450-8224 or (907) 450-UAAI on my caller ID. Who is calling me?

7. I have my email and phone numbers registered but did not receive any messages. Why?

8. My campus phone number is listed as “no campus phone” but I do have a phone number.

9. What if I don’t have texting on my phone?

10. I received an email about an emergency warning. Is this legitimate?

11. I have no affiliation with the University of Alaska but I am receiving messages. What do I do?

12. My information is wrong when I look it up.

13. I am located at mainly at one campus and do not wish to receive alerts for the other campuses.

14. My emergency message went to voicemail, but the voicemail message cut off and/or voice quality was poor.

15. I don’t have voice mail for my phone.

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