Student and Enrollment Strategy

Electing FERPA Confidentiality

The university may release certain directory information to the public on a routine basis unless a student requests, in writing, that the university not release it. Requests for non-disclosure remain in effect until a subsequent written request to release directory information is received.

Students who request non-disclosure of directory information
  • Will not have name printed in the published university chancellor's and dean's lists or commencement program.
  • Will not have attendance and/or degree verified for employers, insurance companies, etc.
  • Will only be able to discuss their UA Accounts in person with photo ID.

If you choose to elect the “confidentiality” option for your educational records, information for you will be withheld from a variety of sources, including: you - the student.  This also includes friends, relatives, prospective employers, and the news media.  Each student is advised to carefully consider the consequences of a decision to elect "confidentiality".  Once elected the University cannot acknowledge the existence of, or release information about, the record of any student who has elected confidentiality.  (You can change this election at any time -- see How to Elect FERPA Confidentiality below.) No information or services will be available to you via telephone if you have elected the confidentiality option.  Your only options for conducting business transactions with the University would be in person, after presenting a valid photo ID, or through secure login on UA systems.

In order to meet the requirements of this law, but also provide the best possible service to students, the University of Alaska has implemented:
  • A procedure for student to inspect and review their education records.
  • A procedure for students to authorize the disclosure of information from their education records.
  • A procedure for students to seek amendments to their educational records.
  • A 24X7 self-service method for students to activate or deactivate adjustments to University service interfaces and online services in support of confidentiality of attendance

How to Elect FERPA Confidentiality

To request non-disclosure of information, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log on to UAOnline.
  2. After signing in, click on Student Services & Account Information
  3. At the bottom of the menu, click on Change Confidentiality Option.
  4. Make sure to read and understand the choices, and then select Enabled and click on the Update Confidentiality button.
  5. On the following page,  review your choice and click Confirm.
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