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Registration for E-Learning courses to become more student centered

Students registering for fall 2011 courses will find a more user-friendly interface when it comes to e-learning courses, thanks to significant behind-the-scenes improvements to Banner, UA’s primary information management system, and UAOnline, the online tool for registration.

The changes will allow Banner and UAOnline to collect and store additional information about each e-learning course such as equipment needed or if a level of “in-person” attendance is required. The changes also will make it easier for students to search for appropriate e-learning courses across the UA System, regardless of home campus, as well as register for the course.

The goal of the changes is to make registration and the search process for e-learning courses more student-centered.   Many UA students take classes from more than one campus due to the convenience of e-learning courses.

At UAOnline, course searches will be presented to students via a “Google-style” clean, contemporary keyword search tool.   Students wanting a more robust search can choose an Advanced Search that provides filtering for numerous combinations of course attributes, such as required meeting times, specifics on delivery (web meeting, audio conferencing, etc.), course number and more. Once the student identifies the e-learning course that suits their needs, they’ll be able to complete registration directly at UAOnline, instead of switching between differing systems.   These changes will be available to students when fall 2011 courses are viewable through UAOnline on March 28, 2011. Students taking regular courses will benefit from the enhanced search tool as well.

Faculty and staff input and participation is critical to the enhanced system’s success. Enrollment services staff will begin collecting detailed course information from departments starting in December.   Each campus will have a single point of contact to serve as a reference on this change and help identify additional needs.    

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Scheduler Training Manual


E-Learning Education Enhancements

Details of the enhancements being made to UAOnline and Banner are available in the following PowerPoint and PDF files:

A Student-Centric and Geography-Based Perspective on Coding Distance

UAOnline Enhancements

Banner Enhancements

Scheduler Training Manual

E-Learning Scheduling Training Video

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