UA Scholars Program


What is a UA Scholars Award?

What deadlines do I need to meet?

Can I apply for the Award?

How do high schools decide who is a Scholar?

What if I think I qualify but have not been notified?

Do I need to read the Program Information Booklet?

Is a UA Scholars Award a full-ride scholarship?

What can I use the Award for?

What if I have other financial aid?

Does my UA Scholars Award work with the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)?

What if I do not qualify for a Scholars Award but need financial assistance?

Can I start using the Award before I have my high school diploma?

If I graduate from high school early, can I begin using my Award?

Do I have to start classes right after graduation?

Can I take time off from using my Award?

How do I take advantage of my leave of absence?

Do I need to inform the UA Scholars Program if I am going to use my leave of absence?

Do I have to attend a campus orientation session?

Can I use my Award on a qualified exchange program?

Can I use the Award during a summer term?

When does the Award expire?

What must I do to maintain good academic standing?

What if I don't meet the minimum number of required annual credits?

Do I need to be a United States citizen to use my Award?

How is my Award paid to me?

What if I complete my degree before I've used up my UA Scholars Award?

Can I use the Award at any UA campus?

Can I apply online?

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