Academic Affairs

Council members

The Statewide Academic Council is chaired by Vice President Dana Thomas. This group is responsible for policies and procedures regarding governance, decisions making and research for the UA system. The Council assists the Vice President in accomplishing responsibilities as outlined in Board of Regents' Regulation 10.02.020:

  1. articulating the overall academic mission;
  2. assigning the scope and responsibility for implementation of the mission;
  3. the administration and supervision of overall planning for instructional, research and creative activity, and public service programs;
  4. academic development and program review;
  5. development of the Academic Master Plan;
  6. advising the board on the status of current programs and the need for the addition or deletion of programs;
  7. facilitating student access to courses, programs, and academic support services;
  8. the review, revision, and administration of faculty personnel policies and procedures; and
  9. consulting with systemwide governance on matters of academic policy.

Daniel M. White (Chair)
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research
University of Alaska System
Phone: 907.450.8018

University of Alaska Southeast
Phone: 907.796.6486

Sam Gingerich
Interim Provost
University of Alaska Anchorage
Phone: 907.786.1921

Maren Haavig
Assistant Professor of Accounting
University of Alaska Southeast
Phone: 907.796.6353

Susan Henrichs
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Phone: 907.474.7096

Larry Hinzman
Interim Vice Chancellor for Research
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Phone: 907.474.6000

Ceclie Lardon
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Phone: 907.474.5272

Karen Schmitt
Dean, Arts and Sciences
University of Alaska Southeast
Phone: 907.796.6518

Tara Smith
Assistant Professor
University of Alaska Anchorage
Phone: 907.786.6873

Helena Wisniewski
Vice Provost for Research
Dean of the Graduate School
University of Alaska Anchorage
Phone: 907.786.1196

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