Records and Information Management


Policy and Regulations

The University of Alaska Board of Regents has outlined policies regarding how to handle records and information.

Executive RIM Governance Committee

The purpose of the University of Alaska (UA) Executive Records and Information Management Committee is to assess the University’s records management situation and to develop a strategic plan for the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive records management program.

Retention and Disposition

The University of Alaska can only hold some records for a limited time. Some record types have a longer lifespan than others. The list of retention and disposition schedules states when and where various records can be retired.

Document Preparation

Before documents can be processed (scanned, filmed, and archived), they need to be prepared. See the Document Preparation Guidelines for details.

Shred Procedure

The need for destruction of confidential documents has grown in recent years at the University of Alaska. The Records Management Office is happy to assist with the shredding of confidential documents; however, increased volume necessitates that we standardize our shred procedures.

Destruction of confidential documents is currently provided by a company called Shredway. We rent several lockable, 64-gallon totes from Shredway that are stored in the Butrovich loading dock area. After your department delivers documents to the Records Office, we place them in these specialized totes. The automated Shredway process picks up a tote, dumps its contents into a shredder inside the truck, and shreds the documents. Shredway then transports the shredded documents to the landfill.
Beginning in July 2006, shred runs will be scheduled quarterly. Shred will be processed in January, April, July, and October. Document delivery must be scheduled with the Records Office.

Please view list of procedures to help the Records Office efficiently handle your confidential document destruction needs.

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