Records and Information Management

The Office of Records and Information Management

The mission of the Records and Information Management department is to provide a records management program for the University of Alaska that organizes, maintains, stores, and disposes/preserves all records and information in a systematic defined manner. The records management program strives to ensure compliance with appropriate federal, state, Board of Regent’s Policy and Regulations, and meets University historical and reference needs.

The Enterprise Content Management System in the Records and Information Management department provides a system wide digital document-imaging infrastructure that when appropriate digitizes administrative records and utilizes technology to increase business efficiencies, and supports a records retention program that provides substantial economic, operational, and legal benefits for the University of Alaska.

RIM Governance Program

Records and Information Management Governance Program

This records and information governance program is to guide University departments regarding the management of University records and information in an effort to comply with legal requirements, Board of Regents’ Policy, and best business practices for safeguarding records. At the same time making them properly accessible, and promoting efficiency and economy by facilitating the identification of records that must be retained and the destruction of files, correspondence, documents, data, and other records that do not.

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