Project Management Office

Project Management Office

Technological Advancement through Management

The University of Alaska Project Management Office (PMO) was developed to assist in raising the efficiency, performance, and effectiveness of all project delivery within the University of Alaska system. To achieve these goals, the PMO facilitates and develops program management tools to help with business practices and strategies to further each project’s success.

The Project Management Office provides a directional structure that aids in completing projects on time, within budget, and with the expected results. When departments launch new projects, project managers may with work with the PMO to receive project management support, templates, tools, and mentoring on the best practices to utilize for the current project stage. The PMO offers training for project managers and teams to ensure alignment of project goals to strategic objectives.


The PMO aids in the execution of projects that are envisioned, initiated, monitored or funded by any of the following groups: the Information Technology Executive Council, CIO Management Team, Portfolio Management Team or UA System Administration. All the projects addressed by the PMO are UA Systemwide projects pertaining to Information Technology. To see a life cycle of a typical Systemwide IT Project, click here.


The mission of the University of Alaska Project Management Office is to:

  • Add focus to UA projects and objectives
  • Improve the strategic visions of project outcomes
  • Produce measurable project results
  • Increase communication among teams
  • Support management decisions
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