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The Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC) provides direction for resource allocation to technological projects within the University of Alaska system (UA). Technology has become a key component for UA research and student communities, therefore it is no surprise that the volume of project funding requests highly outnumbers the amount of resources available. ITEC members are selected by the UA President and Chancellors to evaluate all new and existing projects and assign them priority levels, funding, and UA resources.

If you would like to review the status of all projects currently monitored by the Information Executive Council, and are on a UA network, click the link to this website.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PMO office.


The mission of the Information Technology Executive Council is to:

  • Provide a strategic framework for technology projects within the University of Alaska System
  • Interpret and implement the UA Board of Regent’s values and UA Leads
  • Foster development, continuously monitor, and systematically evaluate all of UA’s major automation or information technology projects and endeavors


Ashok Roy, Ph.D.: ITEC Chair, UA Vice President of Finance and Admin, Chief Financial Officer

Bill Spindle: UAA Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Bruce Schultz: UAA Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Pat Pitney: UAF Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

Pete Pinney: UAF Interim Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community, and Native Education

John Pugh: UAS Chancellor

Michael Ciri: UAS Interim Director of Information Technology, Vice President for Admin Services

Michelle Rizk: UA Associate Vice President for Budget, Interim Chief HR Officer

Saichi Oba: UA Associate Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services

Karl Kowalski: UA Chief Information Technology Officer

Kevin Jacobson: ITEC Coordinator

IT Executive Council Meeting Schedule

  • February 26th, 2014 - 9am to 10am
  • April 30th, 2014 - 9am to 10am
  • June 25th, 2014 - 9am to 10am

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ITEC was launched to strategically decide which IT projects should receive systemwide focus. There had been a constant shortage of resources to handle the multiple large IT projects, so ITEC conducted a systemwide Project Portfolio Analysis. In doing so, ITEC surveyed and cataloged all projects within the UA system and terminated a percentage of low priority projects in order to free up resources. The goal of this project analysis was to apply priority and focus to the most important projects benefitting the University.  

While conducting the Project Portfolio Analysis, ITEC concluded two main problems exist: the available resources were spread too thinly across departments and divisions, and  the IT system administrators were receiving direction from multiple councils and committees. A preliminary review of the complexity of the overseeing council structure was conducted and ITEC published a report on their findings, found below.

The full report of the Statewide IT Automation Review, C. Dexter 2009  focuses on the following points:

  • Review how automation (technology) is supported within the University of Alaska System (Statewide MAU) located in Fairbanks.
  • Review how business needs are identified and solutions determined for business problems (Business Analysis).
  • Comment on the current organizational effectiveness and efficiencies
  • Recommend changes to improve organizational structures and processes

The sponsors of the review responded with their feedback and action play titled "Recommendations Based on Statewide IT Automation Review" by Behner, Trubacz and Smith, October 2009.

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