Project Management Office

Project Governance

The University of Alaska system is wide spread across Alaska with 3 separate accredited institutions and over a dozen rural campuses. The IT network infrastructure at UA connects the multiple campuses to the internet, instructional technologies, voice and data services, and administrative computing. UA is regularly pursuing advancements to optimize the IT performance connecting the campuses, faculty, and students. To accommodate the large volume and high capital costs of UA’s major IT related initiatives and endeavors, a governance structure was created as a planning and reporting framework. The IT governance structure is made up of the Information Technology  Executive Council (ITEC), The CIO Management Team (CMT), and the Portfolio Management Team (PMT – currently inactive).

The Information Technology Executive Council (ITEC) provides direction and a strategic framework for IT projects. The goal of ITEC is to foster development, continuously monitor, and evaluate all of the major UA technology endeavors. ITEC serves as the executive body for UA IT departments and is responsible for funding and prioritizing projects.

The CIO Management Team (CMT) defines UA IT policies, standards, and communications. The CMT serves as the planning body for UA IT by working to ensure that technology initiatives are in line with the business needs of the University.

Other governing bodies such as the Student Services Council, the Statewide Academic Council, and the Business Council may also have input on specific projects.

Diagram of the IT Decision Tree for Small Projects within the UA System

UA ITEC Decision Tree for Small Projects



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