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CIO Management Team

Intercampus Collaboration

Through intercampus collaboration, the CIO Management Team (CMT) defines IT policies, standards, and communications; as well as creates basic standards for the UA technology core. The purpose of the CMT is to analyze, streamline, and reduce the complexity of technology and communication systems utilized within the UA system. CMT also establishes and maintains a technology advancement structure that aligns with the business needs of the University.

Enterprise Architecture Standards

In October 2008, the University of Alaska stated that ease-of-access to resources and information provided by UA is of intrinsic strategic value and must be a primary goal of technology service delivery. Optimum design architecture for authentication, identity management, and directory services is key to resource access. The documents below outline UA’s intentions:


Karl Kowalski, UA Chief Information Technology Officer

Michael Ciri, UAS Director of Information Technology Services/CIO

Martha Mason, OIT Executive Director User Services/ UAF CIO

Patrick Shier, UAA Associate Vice Chancellor/CIO

CIO Management Team Meeting Schedule

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Minutes and Agendas

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+  CMT Meeting Minutes 2013
+  CMT Meeting Minutes 2012
+  CMT Meeting Minutes 2011
+  CMT Meeting Minutes 2010

Recorded Meetings

+  CMT Recorded Meetings 2011
+  CMT Recorded Meetings 2010
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