Project Management Office

Forms and Templates

The University of Alaska Project Management Office (PMO) provides forms and templates that project managers may use to assist with the organization and preparation of an initiative or endevour they lead. Please note that in order to access these documents, you may need to be on a UA network and/or provide your UA credentials. If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please contact the UA PMO office at (907) 450-8900 or email them at


(for internal UA use only)

Project Impact ChecklistForm for initial project identification and impact summary. Informal.
IT Project ProposalThis form is required to filled out to begin a new IT project proposal. Please reference the Project Charter Template for helpful guidelines for completion.
Project Charter FormInformation about the Project - Fill out and send to the Project Management Office
Project Proposal GuidelinesThis questionaire is recommened for smaller projects to help describe project scope, schedule, and cost.
Requirements SolutionsThis chart lists common conflicts and solutions that regularly arise in a project's lifecycle.
Procurement ChecklistThis form is used for all Information Technology procurements to help determine if IT departments should be contacted to insure the new purchases will be compatible with UA networks, computers, and Banner systems
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