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Associate Vice President of Finance - Jim Lynch
Phone: 907.450.8121     Fax: 907.474.5140

University of Alaska
207 Butrovich Building
P.O. Box 755120
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775

James (Jim) F. Lynch serves as associate vice president for finance for the University of Alaska and assistant treasurer for the University of Alaska Foundation. He has held various positions with the University for approximately 25 years and is currently responsible for coordination of the university's insurance and risk managements programs, procurement administration, administration of the Education Trust of Alaska (the state's college savings programs), and the treasury and investment functions for the University and the University of Alaska Foundation. Mr. Lynch has earned CPA and CGFM certifications, a B.A. degree from Northern Illinois University, and participated in specialized study programs at the Harvard University Institute for Educational Management and the Business Management Institute at Stanford University.

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