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Associate Vice President, Budget - Michelle Rizk
Phone: 907.450.8187 Fax: 907.450.8181

University of Alaska
108 Butrovich Building
PO Box 755260
Fbks., AK 99775

Michelle Rizk joined the Statewide Office of Planning and Budget in 2006 as the Director of Budget. She is responsible for developing the operating and capital budget request guideline recommendations for the President and Board of Regents. In addition, she is responsible for developing the budget request and distribution recommendations for the President and Board of Regents. Rizk works very closely with the Institutional Research and Planning department to assure alignment of resources to strategic priorities and performance-based budgeting.

 Rizk came to the University of Alaska in 1993 to pursue a degree in International Business. During her studies she was a student employee at the University of Alaska Museum. Upon graduation, Rizk served as the fiscal officer at the Statewide Office of Information Technology. Her duties included financial management and strategic planning. During her tenure, the Information Technology functions at UAF and Statewide were consolidated and as part of the consolidation team, she led the financial aspects of the Business Plan which provided her a strong campus perspective. She completed her master’s degree in Business Management in 2001.

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