Office of Information Technology

Video Conferencing

The following is information that is helpful to have when setting up a video conference:

  • Event Name.
  • Event Date(s).
  • Event Start and End Time.
  • Event Contact Person; include an email address and phone number.
  • Event Moderator/Instructor; include an email address and a phone number that they can be reached at during the event.
  • Primary Event Location; include campus, building name and room number.
  • Connecting Locations; include campuses, building names and room numbers if they have already been reserved, if not please indicate desired campuses, buildings, or rooms..
  • When applicable, contact information for participants and/or entities outside the UA System.

Video Conferencing Services is happy to help you in selecting and reserving appropriate locations to meet the needs of your event.

Video conference requests should be made 48 hours in advance to allow for appropriate configuration time.

If you request VCS to reserve your video conferencing rooms for you, your conference is scheduled for a time outside of standard business hours, or involves a request for an extended or rural University of Alaska campus, K-12 School Access site, or a site outside the state please allow 7 days in advance for preparation.

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