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OIT's Video Conferencing Services group (OIT/VCS), manages the University of Alaska's system wide video conferencing network, which allows conferencing hardware and software systems to communicate and collaborate using voice, video, and content. Some examples of how video conferencing may be of use to you are; thesis defenses, e-learning, interviews, alternative expertise, and collaboration with other institutions. OIT/VCS can bridge you to health organizations, state and federal governments, K-12 institutions, universities and other video sites around the world. With connectivity to statewide, nationwide, and worldwide conferencing locations, OIT/VCS is available to help you meet your goals.

Service Users

University of Alaska faculty, staff, students, and affiliates or guests sponsored by university departments.


OIT Video Conferencing users must be affiliated (Student/Faculty/Staff) with the University of Alaska.


Video Conferencing is available at no cost to the user.

Get Started

Scheduling a Video Conference
OIT's Video Conferencing Services group is available to schedule your video conference needs. We schedule rooms, video systems, and desktop video conferencing system-wide.

Video conference requests should be made 48 hours in advance to allow for appropriate configuration time.

If you request VCS to reserve your video conferencing rooms for you, your conference is scheduled for a time outside of standard business hours, or involves a request for an extended or rural University of Alaska campus, K-12 School Access site, or a site outside the state please allow 7 days in advance for preparation.

Information to aid in setting up a video conference.

Request an Academic Video Conference.
To schedule an Academic Event involving UA students.

Request an Administrative Video Conference.
To schedule an Administrative Event that does not involve UA students.

Desktop Video.
Individuals and the system they are using must first be registered. Please visit the Desktop Video page to register and become a certified user.


OIT's Video Conferencing Services group is available to fit the demand of your conferencing schedule. Appropriate lead time is required in order to assign a Video Support Specialist to your request. Exceptions to availability will include the scheduled Sunday morning 0001 to 1159 maintenance window, and unplanned outages.

Getting Help

For immediate in-conference assistance, and all other topics call:

From Fairbanks call 450-8300

Outside Fairbanks call 1-800-478-8226
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