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OIT Video Conferencing Services offers desktop video conferencing software that utilizes a personal computer (Windows or Macintosh OS) or iPad. Computers must have a web-cam and microphone, either built in or external. Multiple devices can join in with traditional hardware based video conferencing rooms.

Service Users

University of Alaska faculty, staff, students, and affiliates or guests sponsored by departments.


Computers must meet minimum specifications and participants must have ear-buds or a headset. Desktop Video will work with the built in webcam, speakers, and microphone, but it is recommended that users select echo canceling devices. See yellow links box for more information.

Wireless networking may work, but when possible a wired network connection will provide a better experience.


Desktop Video is available at no cost to the user.

Get Started

To participate in a Desktop Video conference, you must be a certified user and your computer must meet these minimum system requirements.

To become a certified user, fill in the Request Form. Upon submitting the request, you will be contacted by a video support specialist who will create your user account, provide software, training, and do a quick audio/video test with you. You will need to schedule a time on the calendar below to become certified user and be added to your meeting/class.

Network traffic at hotels and certain geographic areas may be very heavy at certain times of the day, so testing at approximately the same time as your planned conference is always a good idea.

For Desktop/Laptop to Desktop/Laptop video conferencing we recommend using Google Hangouts. You can have up to 10 participants in a single Hangout, and these can be initiated from your Google Apps for Higher Ed account.


OIT's Video Conferencing Services group is available to fit the demand of your conferencing schedule. Appropriate lead time is required in order to assign a Video Support Specialist to your request. Exceptions to availability will include the scheduled Sunday morning 0001 to 1159 maintenance window, and unplanned outages.

Getting Help

For immediate in-conference assistance, and all other topics call:
From Fairbanks call 450-8300
Outside Fairbanks call 1-800-478-8226

Certification Form

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