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Document Imaging (OnBase)

Category: Administrative Systems


The university's document imaging service uses OnBase as the enterprise content management (ECM) system. Document imaging services provide a system wide ECM infrastructure that, when appropriate, digitizes administrative records and utilizes technology to increase business efficiencies. This service is meant to support a records retention and disposition program, to provide substantial economic, operational, and legal benefits for the University of Alaska.

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Service Users

University of Alaska staff. Please see related charges.


Users require a UA Username and UA Password. To use OnBase 11 you will need a computer with the following:
• Minimally, Windows XP
• Active X installation for web access
One of the following browsers:
• Internet Explorer 6 or 7
• Safari 3.0 or higher
Users must be in compliance with the University IT Policies and Procedures.


Service is provided at a cost. Please contact OIT Support Center for cost requests or Records and Information Management Department at 907-450-8074.

Get Started

Users with OnBase department licenses can request an account through their security administrators. Users without licenses, please see related rates.


Document imaging availability is based on discussions with your department and your department's business practices.

Getting Help

Customers can request general assistance and report problems with this service through the OIT Support Center or contact MAU OnBase Systems Administrator or Shiva Hullavarad (907) 450-8074.
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