Office of Information Technology

Microsoft Outloook

Step 1.

Go to Account Settings

In Microsoft Office.  Click on Tools  Account Settings

Step 2.

Click on New Address Book

Under Account Settings,  select the tab labeled Address Book, and then click New...

Step 3.

Select LDAP

For the Directory or Address Book Type select Internet Directory Service (LDAP) and then click Next >


Step 4.

Enter the server Name

Enter in the Server Name: box and then click on More Settings...


Step 5.

Click on the Search Tab

Confirm that the Port: is set to 389 and then click on the Search tab

NOTE: The Display Name can be changed to whatever you prefer as it will only affect how it appears in the Address Book

Step 6.

Enter the Search Base Information

Select Custom: for the Search Base and enter ou=people,dc=alaska,dc=edu

Click Apply and then Click OK

Step 7.


Click Next > and then click Finish

Congratulations!  Your Outlook Email client is now configured to use EDIR


Using EDIR

Click on Tools Address Book ...  or press Ctrl + Shift + B to open the Address Book.

Select the drop down menu under Address Book and select your new EDIR one you just created!

Happy Searching!

NOTE: The name of the Address Book will be what ever you entered under step 5


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