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About the Enterprise Directory (EDir)

An enterprise directory is a single authoritative repository of information about people and objects associated with the institution. The University of Alaska's Enterprise Directory includes contact information for departments, current faculty, staff, students, and a relatively small number of other University affiliates. The UA Enterprise Directory differs from campus based directories in that it is designed to encompass everyone at the University of Alaska, regardless of campus or major academic unit (MAU) affiliation.

EDIR, short for "Enterprise Directory", refers to both the LDAP directory where information is stored and a web interface that accesses that information ( The bulk of the information stored in the directory comes from Banner and other authoritative sources (campus, program affiliations, number of credit hours, etc.). Other directory information originates from the faculty, staff and students themselves (title, contact information, links to personal web pages, published email address, mail routing information, etc.). The EDIR web interface is the mechanism by which faculty, staff and students maintain directory information.

The EDIR web interface also provides a convenient means of finding people affiliated with the University. Like the "white pages" of our printed phone books, EDIR can be used to lookup the office and phone number of a faculty or staff member. Unlike our printed phone books, the information in EDIR is being constantly updated. As of 2005, Statewide and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks both produce their printed phone books from the information stored in EDIR.

A side benefit to maintaining an EDIR account is the ability to configure vanity addresses (mail alias routing) independent from the campus at which you work (see Vanity E-mail).

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Maintaining Your EDir Record

Personal Updates

To update your contact information - Titles, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Vanity Email, and Published Email - log into EDIR and access the update form by clicking on the [Personal Update] link beneath the header, in the upper right corner of the interface.


The titles field is your job or position title. The title field is published online, as well as in the UA Statewide and UAF phone books. Only current UA employees may have a title in EDIR.

Phone Numbers

Phone and Fax numbers are part of the Office Locator field. Click on the locator to load the Locator Update Form. You can also add your Pager, Mobile Phone, or Home Phone in thier individual fields.


Addresses are part of the Office Locator field. Click on the locator to load the Locator Update Form.

Email Preferred Addresses

The Email Preferred Address field must reference either your Email Destination or Email Vanity field. EDIR will only allow you to publish an email address that it knows about.

Vanity E-mail

A "vanity" email address is a unique email address you choose for yourself. The vanity address also becomes an alternative and easier-to-remember login ID for the Enterprise Directory.

Vanity email addresses are available to employees on a first-come-first-serve basis. They are automatically assigned the domain (no other domain is relevant). For example:

In addition to creating an EDIR vanity address, you also need to update your Email Destination (account). Having the Email Destination address updated will allow people to address email to your vanity address and email will be automatically delivered to the email account where you read your mail. Please see the section of E-mail Routing.

As of 2008, EDIR requires a vanity email address to have a dot (.) in it. For example, Vanity addresses created before the requirement are not affected. EDIR also limits everyone to five (5) vanity email addresses. (For example if you have a vanity address you could also have a assuming it is available or, etc.) If your Directory Record has five vanity email addresses; you will need to delete some before adding new ones.

E-mail Routing

Official email from the University to employees and students will be sent to permanently assigned email addresses which are routed through EDIR to the address in the Email Destination field.

Employees and students are expected to maintain a valid email account specified in the "Email Destination" field to which email from the University is delivered. Failure to do so means that you will not receive official University communications and other important communications sent by electronic mail.

Further Assistance

Like any new technology, using EDIR will take some getting used to. Be patient, ask questions, and make suggestions for improvement. If you any have questions or concerns, contact your local Help Desk:

Location Phone Number Email Fax Number Toll Free
UAA (Anchorage) 786-4646 786-4813 1-877-633-3888
UAF & Statewide (Fairbanks) 450-8300 450-8312 1-800-478-8226
UAS (Juneau) 796-6400 796-6276 1-877-465-6400
ARSC 474-5102      
G.I. 474-7291      
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