Office of Information Technology

Ticket Response Procedures

When a problem is reported at the OIT Support Center, they try and resolve it right then. In the event that it can't be resolved by the person taking the call, a problem ticket is forwarded to OIT Desktop Support.

Problems are assigned to technicians several times throughout the day, typically in intervals of less than two hours. Our technicians, as you can imagine, are responsible for many tickets at once, and their days are busy. Still, since they repeatedly check their job queues throughout the day, they typically become aware of new jobs within a few hours, if not immediately. Our technicians strive to make initial contact with the user the same day we receive the problem ticket, or within four business hours if the ticket was received in the afternoon.

Initial contact is typically made by telephone. If contact can't be made via telephone, voicemails are left with instructions on how to reach us, and we follow up with emails.

Regardless of which of our technicians is assigned to help you with your problem, we maintain the goals of "initial contact same day" (or within 4 business hours if received in the afternoon) and tickets resolved and closed within 1 week. Typical closure times are approximately three days.

Can we always do it? No. Based on having to sometimes wait for availability of equipment, replacement parts, and working out appointment times between our technicians and the busy schedules of our customers, not everything gets resolved in that time frame - but we do try.

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