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OIT now offers two networks throughout campus to keep you connected. UAlaska offers a quick and easy login for current students, faculty, and staff as well as non-affiliated guests. Eduroam offers a more permanent and secure platform for long-term connections around UAF campuses, as well as at over 2,000 eduroam partner institutions worldwide.

Eduroam is the recommended network for all academic and administrative purposes.

For more information about each network, visit the wireless options page.


Provide high-bandwidth, high-availability campus wireless connectivity to the Internet, Internet2, and other online services from all campus locations.

Service Users

UAF and SW faculty, staff, students and general public.


Access to this service requires a Wi-Fi enabled device. Customer must be in compliance with the following: University of Alaska: Acceptable Use of Online Resources


Campus Wireless Network services are available at no cost to end users.

Get Started

Service request is not necessary. Refer to Wireless Options for connection options and setup instructions.


Service is available 24 hours per day. Exceptions include: scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages.

Getting Help

Customers request general assistance and report problems with this service through the OIT Support Center.

More Information

View the Network Weathermap for real-time network statistics.

Internet in the Residence Halls

Internet use in the residence halls is under the policy of the Residence Life Handbook (see pages 23-24), as well as all OIT Policies and Procedures. To use internet services in the residence halls, ensure your computer is set to use DHCP, and follow the on-screen steps to register your computer using your UA Username and password.

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