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A 134 square foot fully functional television recording studio is available for use in Rasmuson 375A. The studio is fully lit for television production, offers four cameras for use, and teleprompter capabilities. Other options include green screen capabilities, and a variety of microphone options including lavaliere, hand held, and shotgun microphones.

In the control room users can switch live between cameras, other video sources including SVHS VTRS, Satellite feeds, special effects or the audio and video routing center. Recording options include mini-dv, S-VHS, or direct to DVD.

Also available is a fully functional audio recording center with a 24 channel mixer. Sources include a high quality ribbon microphone, a turntable, a cassette tape, a CD, and DAT players. Any source can be put into a mix and recorded into the pro tools™ audio editing software. Recording options include CD, cassette, or DAT.

The studio is considered an academic classroom space and is typically set up for that use. It is re-configurable to meet the needs of users, and as such can be utilized by anyone requiring the facilities. Please keep in mind that re-configurations of studio equipment must be performed by OIT technicians and should be scheduled in advance."

Service Users

UAF and SW faculty, staff and students


A short training session on studio rules and equipment use is required prior to being allowed entrance to the studio for first-time customers.


Audio/Video Studios are available at no cost to end users.

Get Started

Contact the OIT Support Center to submit a request.

Interested parties can tour the studio by appointment if they submit a request through the OIT Support Center.


Service is available weekdays from 8am to 5pm.

The studios are time-limited facilities. The use of the facilities must be scheduled in advance and be respective of other reservations and regular business hours.

Getting Help

Customers request general assistance and report problems with this service through the OIT Support Center.
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