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Phishing Alert | Email Subject: Emergency Notice | 7 May 2014


OIT has been receiving notices of a phishing email making it's way into people inboxes.  The email reports the user's account webmail storage quota has been exceeded and they will deactivate your email.


If you have received this message in your Google Apps @ UA email account, you can report the message as a phishing attempt using Google's Report Phishing tool.

If you received this message in any other email account, please delete the message.

Email Content

The email message is:

Phishing Form

The email asks the recipient to follow a link, and to login with their UA Credentials to avoid getting their Webmail account deactivated.

DO NOT reply to this email nor login using the form.  If you did, you should immediately change your password using ELMO.

Phishing Indicators

Here are a few of the things to look for when identifying this message as phishing

  • The URL (link) leads to a webform hosted at a non-University address:

  • The email reports the user needs to provide their email to otherwise you risk getting your account deactivated due to exceeding the storage quota.

  • Google Apps @ UA provides 30 GB of storage, it's possible but highly unlikely that it is exceeded.

As always, please be cautious around emails or websites asking for personal information or passwords.

If you have any further inquiries or questions, please contact the OIT Support Center 907-450-8300.

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