Office of Information Technology

30 Sept 2013-Emergency Notice


OIT has been receiving notices of a phishing email making it's way into people inboxes.  The email reports that you have exceeded your webmail quota. The email asks you to login to a specified URL and to provide account information.


If you have received this message in your Google Apps @ UA email account, you can report the message as a phishing attempt using Google's Report Phishing tool.

If you received this message in any other email account, please delete the message.

Email Content

The email message is:

Phishing Form

The e-mail asks the recipient to click on a link and provide personal information

If you provided your Username and Password, you should immediately change your password using ELMO.

Here are a few of the things to look for when identifying this message as phishing:

  • The email is not from OIT
  • States that you have exceeded your storage limit.
  • States that your account will be deleted from the server

This is a very sophisticated phishing attempt, use caution and best judgment when it comes to phishing.

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