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Phishing Alert | Email Subject: "Your E-mail Account Suspension Notification"


OIT has been receiving notices of a phishing email making it's way into people inboxes.  The email reports the recipient's email has sent too much spam, and has been suspended.  The email tells the recipient that they will need to "re-confirm" ther email account, directing them to a link.


If you have received this message in your Google Apps @ UA email account, you can report the message as a phishing attempt using Google's Report Phishing tool.

If you received this message in any other email account, please delete the message.

Email Content

The email message is:

Phishing Form

The email asks the recipient to go a web form the looks like the Google Apps @ UA login page and provide their UA Username and Password.  DO NOT LOGIN with the link provided in the email.

If you did, you should immediately change your password using ELMO.

Phishing Indications

URL for Phishing Form

Here are a few of the things to look for when identifying this message as phishing:

  • The "From" showed, but was really ekennedy@gwu.edum
  • The email asks you to "re-confirm" your email account.
  • The provided link looks like a Univers of Alaska address, but really goes somewhere else:
    Looks like:
    Realy goes:
  • The form URL is not a University of Alaska address:

This is a very sophisticated phishing attempt.  Please be aware of the addresses for your login pages.

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